Yoga and Art 6-12s

Nina Devenney
Sweet Tree Arts (location map)
Thursday, 3:45 PM - 4:45 PM
01/10/19 - 02/14/19 (6 weeks)

Yoga and Art
In this after school class, children will be invited to participate in an hour-long yoga practice, focusing on breathing techniques, yoga postures, expressive movement and creativity. Each day we will focus on a theme, such as Joy, Loving Kindness, Gratitude, Strength, etc. and will provide opportunity for discussion of these themes and how we can welcome them into our lives. Together we will play yoga games, share yoga stories and songs, and make art projects with a focus on our theme for the day. These might include painted mindfulness rocks, kindness postcards, gratitude trees, hopes and dreams flags, among others. This class offers a fun and accessible way for children to share in learning about yoga and yogic postures, and all the positive benefits these things have to offer us. 
Recommended for 6-12s 
Meets Thursdays 3.45 - 4.45
$12 per class
$48 for 4 week session
$72 for 6 week session