Picture a Story

Hannah Wells
Sweet Tree Arts (location map)
Wednesday, 3:45 PM - 4:45 PM
11/28/18 - 12/19/18 (4 weeks)


 Picture a Story

This story telling course will show children how to communicate a story through art. We will be reading various short tales and taking a look at how other artists take on the roll of sharing their own stories through creative imagery. Children will also choose a story to illustrate in their own unique way. 

We will:

Share children’s picture book

Play drawing games

Invite children to bring in a story they love

Add inspiring illustrations into our journals

Share our work showing different ways to tell a story with pictures. 

Explore ideas of character through illustration

Create book covers and “end pages”

Make patterns and designs relating to original stories


Tuesday 3.45 - 4.45 with Hannah Wells

$72 for 6 week class

$48 for 4 week class

Upcoming Meetings
12/12/18    3:45 PM Wednesday 12/12/18 3:45 PM
12/19/18    3:45 PM Wednesday 12/19/18 3:45 PM