Raising Sexually Healthy Children

Jennifer Wiessner
Sweet Tree Arts (location map)
Thursday, 6:30 PM - 9:15 PM
12/06/18 (1 week)

Raising Sexually Healthy Children  - Primer workshops for moms, dads, providers and educators of children 9-14 years

One workshop can impact children for a lifetime!

Start the talks before they can walk! Why? Because it makes it easier for them and for you to continue to scaffold information developmentally as they grow. It builds healthy sexual esteem and it also can protect them from unwanted touch and abuse and can set them on a path of healthy sexuality. Studies show that developmentally appropriate sexuality education delays sexual activity. Talking to your kids from a young age allows you to be their source for information and educate them on your values. Haven’t yet? That’s OK! That’s why I am here. This workshop will help parents and those who work with parents and kids know what is developmentally appropriate, how to talk about bodies, boundaries, consent, porn, the brain, self-touch and healthy sexuality and get prepared for the jaw-dropping questions that come when you are least ready. Always be one step ahead. 


Come get prepared and have fun doing it! Join Jennifer, Maine mom, wife, LCSW and AASECT certified Sex Therapist for these very popular workshops!

Participants will engage in fun exercises, ask questions, get answers, take home a powerpoint presentation with information plus resources to open up conversations with children. I also have articles and books participants can peruse. These workshops are 
PRIMERS; giving participants the base they need to jump from to begin dialogues with children. For those who wish to have deeper conversations or speak about specifics regarding their child can contact me for my 75-minute private individual parent consultations via phone or Skype.



The workshop will be lead by....


Jennifer Wiessner, LCSW, CST

Couples and AASECT Sex Therapist

Raising Sexually Healthy Children workshop facilitator

Cumberland, Maine 


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Workshop for parents/educators/providers of children 9-14 yrs.
Thursday, December 6, 2018 6:30-9:15 PM

COST: Sliding scale $30 - $50

Please pre register by Nov. 12, 2018.