Process Painting Mini Workshops

Annie Moore
Sweet Tree Arts (location map)
Saturday, 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
11/03/18 (1 week)

Freeing the Inner Painter – Finding your Creative Muse in Coummunity

This workshop, for both experienced and completely inexperienced artists, leads participants through what is termed “process painting” to find their voice and vision and get it onto paper. You will see amazing results in only one two-hour session. All materials will be provided. For professional painters, this is a way to expand even further into new dimensions and techniques. For a beginner or someone experiencing painters block, process painting will let you drop all those barriers and actually begin to create paintings very rapidly that go far beyond typical “beginner” work. The workshops can also be experienced as a form of meditation, relaxation, channeling, transformation – whatever is most calling you at the time. It is a chance to allow your own inner sub-conscious muse to connect with the larger collective unconscious described by Carl Jung.

Even though only one two-hour workshop is complete in and of itself, we are also seeking to attract a core group of ten or twelve people to create a painting practice over winter and spring of 2018/2019. We encourage you to drop in for a mini- session in November and then join for a Process Painting Intensive (5 hours) practice in December. Our hope is that the core group might emerge from these sessions. You must attend at least 1 mini workshop in order to attend the daylong intensive process painting workshop.


Mini Workshop Drop - In Rate - $30

Daylong Intensive Rate - $50  

All 3 mini workshops plus the intensive- $120