Class Descriptions

Open Studio

A Drop in Art studio. Various arts will be offered and materials available. 

Open to all ages, 18months and beyond.

There is no instruction in this class but I will be available for guidance and questions.

You will find: Sensory table, exploratory table, a group project and a fine art table.  

Come create and connect with other artists of all ages and abilities.


Art Start 2s-5s

Once a month with Nina Devenney - $12 per family per session

 9/23 • Color and Texture

10/28 • Halloween! themed

12/2 • Line with Winter theme

 Please register to secure your place. 

This is a parent and child class.Explore the senses, develop gross and fine motor skills, engage in stories, music, movement and games to inspire creative experiences together.

Ideal for 2-5 year olds but children 18ms also welcome.  

Dress a girl , Dress a boy - Malawi

Join us once a month to create beautiful hand made dresses and shorts for girls and boys at the Mpamila primary school in Malawi.

Please bring 1 yard of fabric and notions, your sewing machine if you have one.

Patterns and community provided.

Once a month drop in 6.30- 8.00pm, all ages and sewers welcome. 






Creative Club


Creative club

$12 an artist or $10 for 2 or more children. 

Recommended for 6-12 year olds 

Most Wednesdays 3.30pm -4.30pm Sept - June 

with Nina Devenney 

New materials and ideas offered each week.

Creative club encourages open space, new ideas, freedom and exploration through a variety of media and projects each week in the studio. 


Hope students welcome to arrive by bus after school. 

 Recommended for 6-12 year olds.




Da Vinci Camp 6-12s

Da Vinci camp 

Da Vinci offers children ages 6-12 years old a variety of creative opportunities.
Each day will be filled with a variety of skills to encourage creative thinking, exploration and innovation. Children will participate in drawing skills, math and science activities, out door exploration,  community engagement. Children will explore how they actively think, learn and engage with the world. Mornings will be used to build skills in questioning and collaboration while the afternoons will bring projects and deep engagment. Visting artists compliment the program. 
Camp runs 9.00 -2.30pm Monday - Friday

Cost $275  per week
Sibling discounts and scholarships available.
Take $25 off is you sign up for all three weeks. (Each week offers growth and new experiences).

Ukulele Club

Join Jeff Weinberger for a 5week 45minute class for 5-10 year olds. 

$10 per class or $50 for 5 weeks. 

Thursdays this fall 4.00 - 4.45

Drop ins possible but a 5 week commitment is recommended. 

Ukulele is an easy, accessible, friendly instrument that can lead children toward other musical instruments and help them build confidence. This sense of achievement, plus the fun, social aspects and natural charm of the instrument can enrich any child's world. 

The activities are geared toward not just song learning and musical games, but listening to and cooperating with others, improvisation and lyric writing. At the end of the program, the students play a concert for their family and friends. 

The cost of a kid's ukulele is usually around $40 and no books are necessary, but an electronic tuner for $10-$20 is recommended. There are also free tuner apps readily available. If you are interested in borrowing a ukulele we can make recommendations. 

For more information contact Jeff Weinberger - 

cartooning club

Starting Nov 1st 4-5p James Quigley will host host a 6 week creative club for children 10 and up at Sweet Tree Arts. 

This once a week after school program for middle / high school students will focus on drawing skills, cartooning, illustration, character design and graphic art. 
All levels of skill are welcome and encouraged as collaboration will support individual work. 
James Quigley is a graphic artist, illustrator and cartoonist residing in Appleton. His work has appeared in the form of skateboard graphics, comic books and comic strips, animation, rock posters and more. 
$12 per class. Drop ins welcome but 6 week commitment recommended.



Encountering the Arts for K-12 Classroom teachers

EDAR 531: Encountering the Arts: Choice, Voice and Creativity in the K-8 Classroom

An Introduction to Arts Integration through Thematic Learning                   4.5 CEUs

This course meets in person for two weekends (Fridays 4-8pm, Saturdays 8-4pm) at Sweet Tree Arts in Hope, Maine.  COURSE DATES:  First Weekend Starts Fri., Jan. 19 4pm – Saturday January 20, 4pm  Second Weekend Fri. April 6, 4pm – Saturday April 7, 4pm.


Course Description:  

This K-8 course will offer direct experiences in the arts in a thematic, project based learning environment.  

Drama, Movement, Music, Poetry, Storytelling, and  Visual Arts will be practiced across content areas: Math, Science, Reading and Writing.  Understanding the potential to meet all learners in a supportive, empathetic, thematic based environment will be at the heart of the course. We will look closely at theorists and practitioners advocating for freedom, choice and creativity. 

Participants will be supported to make connections from their own experiences and apply learning to their disciplines and grade levels through opportunities to integrate  the arts in an emerging student choice based curriculum.

Working collaboratively and individually, we will gather and develop skills, create curriculum and problem solve ways to address necessary content, standards and challenges.  Throughout the course personal work, questioning, art making and journaling will guide us to deepen our practice. 

Participants will meet in person for two weekends (Fridays 4-8pm, Saturdays 8-4pm), at Sweet Tree Arts In Hope, Maine, with approximately 10 weeks of inter-session work online. A follow-up summative paper documenting the learning in the course is required.

Materials required:

Laptops are required for the course. Internet will be required for the course.  All resources will be accessible to participants on a Google Classroom site.  Additional handouts will be provided. 

Required Reading 

Integrating the Arts – Pascal / Donovan 

In the Spirit of the Studio – Lella Gandini  

Optional Resources

Assessment Visible Learners – Mara Krechevsky and Ben Mardell,  Theory Pedagogy of the Oppressed – Paolo Freire,  100 Languages of Children – Loris Malaguzzi

Course Objectives:

Upon successful completion of this course, educators will be able to:

  •      Demonstrate an understanding of how the arts can support a variety of learning styles in the classroom.
  •      Understand the relationship between listening and responding when designing emerging, thematic learning.(course model this)
  •      Experience, practice and reflect on cross disciplinary thematic curricula using the arts. – in cohort and on our own
  •      Apply useful resources and make connections between the arts and other content areas.
  •      Analyze, share and apply resources from theorists and practicing educators.
  •      Design quality arts integrated lesson plans and units.
  •      Immerse in the creative process and share experiences and learning with students.
  •      Apply instructional strategies for Gifted and Talented students

This course is made availalbe through The New England Institute to register visit :

Storytelling 101

Join Megan Vigeant for a Moth style 4 week introduction to storytelling. 

4 Wednesdays 6-8pm February 21 to March 14

Learn to tell true stories. What makes a good story? Where to find stories? Public- speaking jitters. Make your audience laught, cry, cheer. Performance for family and friends March 14th. 

To register and for more information visit

Picture a Story

 Picture a Story

This story telling course will show children how to communicate a story through art. We will be reading various short tales and taking a look at how other artists take on the roll of sharing their own stories through creative imagery. Children will also choose a story to illustrate in their own unique way. 

We will:

Share children’s picture book

Play drawing games

Invite children to bring in a story they love

Add inspiring illustrations into our journals

Share our work showing different ways to tell a story with pictures. 

Explore ideas of character through illustration

Create book covers and “end pages”

Make patterns and designs relating to original stories